At S. Martinho do Porto, for the first time, people hear about our history. At 1257, some monks, was created the first charter "Carta de Foral". At 1945 this place receives the Charter of Village (Carta da Povoação), and later, at 1518, D. Manuel I, gives him the second, ans last, charter "Carta de Foral".

At mid-eighteenth century, the bustle on seaport of S. Martinho do Porto and the shipyards, it's very intense, due to movement of goods with Marinha Grande. Is the flow of the glasses, fruit of the region, the resinous products, and the pine woods of Leiria. Leave even here, the woods for the construction of the D. Sebastião ships.

Between 1527 and 1855, S. Martinho do Porto becomes a town and county seat.

In 1887 the West railway was inaugurated, that was created to make the goods transport. After First World War, there is a revival by the shipbuilding: build up and throw themselves overboard two steamships.

Nowadays, S. Martinho do Porto has its main attraction, the Bay, has the shape of a shell, and has the most beautiful landscape that you can enjoy, thus being totally focused on tourism. It's a place that's very quiet and relaxing, and doesn't offer any danger to the childrens. Has countless water sports, tourist circuits, wonderful food, etc., all that you need to have an unforgettable vacation.

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